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Light up Valentine| Using EZ Lights

Valetine's Card| Interactive Cards| Shaped Cards| Pear Blossom Press EZ Lights

Hello Everyone. Today I am sharing an interactive card using EZ lights from Pear Blossom Press and the Honey Bee Stamp and Die sets -Big Pickup Tailgate and Big Pick up Cab. I have to say these lights really are very simple to use and they make for a really cute interactive card for the recipient.

I'll start with the assembly of the front of the card using the lights.

The EZ Lights have 3 light leads so I needed to decided where I wanted to place them. The headlights where obvious but I wasn't sure where to place the 3rd light. I decided the overhead light made some sense and didn't take away from the look of the card. I used a paper piercer to poke a hole in the 3 spots marked. The lights are small so you don't need the holes to be very large. If you want to pull them through then you can enlarge the hole a bit but they are pretty bright so I decided to affix them to the card base panel. I took a pencil and marked through the pierced holes onto the card base panel to know where to affix the light.

I secured battery pack with the push button with double sided tape and the lights and extra wire with tape. Make sure you don't kink the wires that's really the only way this could go wrong. Once the lights and extra wire are secure you can add foam tape around the battery pack and lights and secure to the stamped front panel.

I made a hinge this way the back and front open and close easily.

I masked the front of the truck cab and stamped the envelopes so it looks like you can see the load of letters in the tailgate through the window. I also stamped a "press me" on the hood ornament so the recipient knows where to press to light up the card. Links to the products can be found below.

Truck Tail Gate - Honey Bee Big Pickup Tailgate & Die

LOVE heat embossed with Ranger Silver Embossing Powder

I don't always take the time to make a card with this much detail but on occasion it is fun to create something with all the detail. I don't usually do it all in one sit down. The truck was colored over a month ago and the letters maybe 2 weeks later. Then I decided to put this together for my oldest daughter... someone that will appreciate the time and effort :). I set some time to assemble and add sentiments and extra details like glossy accents on the lights. How do you create? All is one go from start to finish or pieces at a time?

Thanks for stopping bye!

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